reviews for The Glittering World

The Glittering World has now been out in the world for a week. Here are links to some of my favorite reviews so far!

"Balancing between supernatural and fantasy, this debut novel is fast paced, yet it also succeeds as a reflective tale of self-discovery. Levy divides the narration into four separate sections, one from each character’s point of view. Well crafted, atmospheric, and whimsical, this will attract readers who enjoy Neil Gaiman and Mark Z. Danielewski." --Library Journal

"Levy’s atmospherics are all encompassing, and fantastic. You could almost smell the loamy soil and feel the lushness of an almost primeval forest. I thought about this book for days after I finished it, and it’s a darkly romantic, lovely, sometimes horrifying, and yes, glittering read." -- My Bookish Ways

"THE GLITTERING WORLD is a mesmerizing and dynamic read and an impressive first novel." -- The Book Reporter

"It’s less about fantasy and more about questioning what you think you know—and finding the reality is more frightening than you’re prepared for. The Glittering World will screw with your mind." -- Vampire Book Club

"And when you’ve returned from the abyss of this deeply moving, thought-provoking, existential dread-driven novel, you won’t just feel uneasy with terror, but increasingly terrified by the grim reflection this novels offers back." -- A Bibliophile's Reverie

"I highly recommend The Glittering World— it’s a mesmerizing and thought-provoking story that will inspire both discussion and wonder." -- The Qwillery

"Something ancient stirs in this book. The mystery that lurks in the homes, the woods, and in the people of Starling Cove creates an unstoppable read that ends in a seemingly cinematic crescendo that will leave you wanting more." -- Darryl Foster

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